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    Sensitive Skin – Soothing Protection Skin Care Kit – La Clinica

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    Calms & relives irritated, sensitive skin conditions. Suitable for Eczema.

    This kit offers daily treatment skin care for sensitive skin conditions made from safe, natural ingredients.

    Sensitive Skin syndrome can have many causes, including genetic predisposition, environment or temporary physical vulnerability due to triggers such as stress.

    The SENSITIVE SKIN range uses key gentle ingredients reputed for their anti-inflammatory properties, including Chai Seed Oil, Frankincense, Parsley Seed Oil and Prickly Pear Extract to soothe, hydrate, calm and relieve aggravated skin conditions.

    This range is ideal for those suffering from delicate and irrtated skin conditions, such as rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

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    Organic for Baby – Bath & Body Baby Gift Set

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    LA CLINICA ORGANIC FOR BABY products contain NO artificial ingredients, NO artificial fragrances & NO testing on animals.

    Organic For Baby Soothing Lotion (Code OB7, 250mL)Organic For Baby Soap Free Wash Gel  (Code OB1, 250mL)Organic For Baby Nappy Wipe Lotion  (Code OB4, 250mL)Organic For Baby Zinc Barrier Balm (Code OB5, 100mL)

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    Beauty Products

    Brightening Skin Care Kit – La Clinica

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    Delivers a flawless complexion by reducing the production and appearance of pigmentation.

    With a combination of Tyrosinase Inhibitors, Biomimetic Peptides and Polyhydroxy Acids working together to gently accelerate the removal of dead skin cells whilst renewing skin for a brighter, more luminous complexion.

    These products are suitable to use in a skin care regime to reduce the overproduction of pigmentation, the occurrence of post-blemish scarring and aged looking skin.

    This powerful skin lightening and brightening range formulated for all skin types and ethnic origins.

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    Resurfacing skin care kit (Gentle) – La Clinica

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    The GLY C REFINE Stage 1 (Gentle) kit introduces skin to LA CLINICA’S GLY C REFINE skin care regime.

    Promoting a flawless complexion by refining the skins texture and tone. This range helps to reduces pigmentation and uneven skin tone and increases skin elasticity and firmness.
    These products are also shown to help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the incidence of blemishes, break-outs, blackheads and milia.

    Use daily for softer, smoother, clarified skin.

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    Resurfacing skin care kit (Active) – La Clinica

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    The GLY C REFINE Stage 2 (Active) kit is suitable for those who have used and are comfortable with the Gly C Refine Stage 1 (Gentle) Range.

    This kit contains maximum strength glycolic products that refine skin texture and clarify the complexion whilst helping diminish the appearance of damage, pigmentation and wrinkles. Ideal for wrinkled, scarred and sun damaged skin.

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    Age Reversal – Skin Care Kit – La Clinica

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    Corrective skin care for mature and dry skin conditions.

    Enjoy younger, firmer looking skin with exclusive ‘AGE REVERSAL’ formulations that rejuvenate deep within the skin to eliminate fine lines. Replenished and nourished from the inside out, your complexion is Invigorated and its natural vitality restored.

    This kit includes products formulated with a maximum dose of tetra-peptides and ingredients like Caviar & Pearl Extract, Collagen & Elastin, which stimulates the skin to firm, lift and rejuvenate!

    Essential corrective skin care for mature and dry skin conditions, ‘AGE REVERSAL’ is LA CLINICA’s pinnacle skin care range; targeting skin renewal, restoration and radiance at a cellular level.

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    Anti Ageing – Beautiful Skin Kit – La Clinica

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    Skin starts to lose its youthfulness and resilience from the age of 20.

    LA CLINICA offers you a highly active range of cosmeceutical skin care products to combat the signs of ageing.

    LA CLINICA’s Anti Ageing formulations are enriched with Tripeptides and Hyaluronic Acid to help activate the production of high quality collagen, improve stress resistance, slow down skin ageing, improve skin hydration, skin cell renewal, fine lines and wrinkles. Plus these products are enhanced with vitamins and nourishing plant derived emollients.

    Safeguard your skin and maintain a youthful complexion with daily use.

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    Rebalancing Vitamin A – Combination Skin Detox Rebalancing Kit – La Clinica

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    This kit contains skin care products to help strengthen skin whilst diminishing the appearance of imperfections, restoring a radiant complexion.

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