Carinya House of Hair & Beauty

Our Story

“This is our story, where it all started and what our name means to us. We hope that by visiting our salon, you will become part of our story and will continue along the journey with us.” Carinya House of Hair & Beauty was initially created with the vision to offer a beautiful harmonious working environment for talented, committed hair and beauty professionals. It’s our belief that if our employee’s are happy, our customers will be happy. We go to great lengths to ensure that we offer a beautiful working environment and at the core of everything we do, there is hard work, respect, trust, fun and laughter. We have a keen interest in training future Hair Stylists and take great pride in helping them to reach their personal and professional goals. We encourage all of our Apprentices to dare to be their best and because of our belief in them, they often surprise themselves. Nothing makes us more proud than to see Apprentices that we’ve trained growing their own clientele from our happy customers. When we recruit new employee’s we are focussed on seeking new Team Members with the right attitude and a genuine desire to deliver the very best customer service experience to all of our visitors.  We provide the very best of training to ensure that our customers always receive the very best quality of service. We are often asked who Carinya is. In fact, Carinya is not a person involved in the business, but rather an Aboriginal name that reflects what we want to offer our employee’s and our customers. As with many Aboriginal names/words, there are sometimes differences in meaning, often based on geographic location. However, the one that resonates with us, means ‘happy, harmonious home’. We want our employee’s and our customers to feel ‘at home’ and happy at Carinya. So, now you know a little more about us, we hope that in time, we can get to know you too.

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