Service Price
Leave-in Treatment $10
Hot Towel Mask $15
Intense Pro Oil $60

Why not come into Carinya House of Hair & Beauty where you can relax in our stunning French Provincial inspired salon, while we pamper your hair. Make your hair feel smoother and look more shiny than ever before. Just relax in luxury, while catching-up on the latest news, magazine gossip and sipping on our complimentary beverages (including T2 herbal tea’s, Nespresso coffee, wine and craft beers). When you walk out of Carinya House of Hair & Beauty, you will be feeling and looking confident with your super soft, shiny hair.

The Australian climate can sometimes be very harsh on our hair and we tend to neglect it in comparison to our skin. The reason for this may be that when our skin is dry and dehydrated, we feel uncomfortable, however our hair may look dry and lacklustre, but it doesn’t cause us discomfort. It’s important to remember that our hair can not look and feel it’s best if we don’t protect it from the elements of our environment. At Carinya House of Hair & Beauty, we are very fussy about ensuring that your hair is kept in great condition. That’s why we only use the very best quality products and why we recommend that you seriously consider giving your hair the moisture and nourishment that it needs.

Our opinion on Keratin treatments…

We do not perform Keratin Treatments at Carinya House of Hair & Beauty because we believe that the chemicals (in particular, formaldehyde) are too harmful to expose our staff and salon guests to. If you have ever had, or been in a salon whilst a Keratin treatment is being performed, you will be aware of how much steam comes of the hair when it’s being ironed. That steam contains potentially very dangerous chemicals and anyone that is in the room, will breath in those chemicals. People think we are crazy not performing Keratin treatments as they make a lot of money for the salon. We prefer to sacrifice a percentage of profits, to ensure that we are doing all that we can to protect our staff and salon guests.

We have chosen to use Peptame at Carinya House of Hair & Beauty, as we believe the chemicals are less harmful than Keratin treatments. We are happy to provide you with information that will help you to make an decision as to whether this product is the right choice for you, your lifestyle and your hair. We also offer a free consultation to give you the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements with our stylists.

Let’s just get one thing straight! Peptame Treatments are NOT a permanent straightening product or service. Peptame Treatments are designed to ‘smooth and relax’ hair. They are best used with hair that gets a a little frizzy and for people that want to spend less time blow-drying their hair. After a Peptame Treatment, your hair should be smoother and faster to dry but it will not be permanently straightened. Great if you still want bounce and movement in your hair!

Please give us a call if you would like further information or to take advantage of our FREE consultation.