Our Values

Our goal is to be known by locals, just like yourself, as the preferred hairdressing and beauty salon on the Central Coast and the preferred place to work for highly skilled and passionate hair and beauty professionals.

One of the greatest advantages of supporting a family owned and operated business is that our salon guests know that we will always be here. As a family, we are all passionate about the longevity of Carinya House of Hair & Beauty. We will continue to work hard to ensure that we are always delivering the quality of service that we promote. Our long-term goal is to one day open a larger beauty salon and to also play a bigger part in training young people to become passionate about our industry and most importantly training them to deliver a superior level of customer service to salon guests. Wherever the future takes us, we hope that you will join us for the journey and become part of our success story!

Carinya House of Hair & Beauty has been built upon the principles of fair dealing and the ethical conduct of our employees. Our reputation for integrity and excellence requires careful observance of the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations, as well as a scrupulous regard for the highest standards of conduct and personal integrity.

The continued success of Carinya House of Hair & Beauty is dependent upon gaining your trust and we are dedicated to preserving that trust. Employees are dedicated to Carinya House of Hair & Beauty and you, our salon guests. Our employees conduct themselves in a way that will merit the continued trust and confidence of all future salon guests.

Carinya House of Hair & Beauty will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and expects its employees to conduct business in accordance with the letter, spirit, and intent of all relevant laws and to refrain from any dishonest, or unethical conduct. We have the utmost confidence that our employees will never let us down by letting you down!

Our Stylists and Beauty Therapist have exceptional skills, equalled only by their passion and enthusiasm.

We use only the very best quality of products, because our salon guests deserve to get what they pay for. We never cut corners or use inferior products to increase our profit margin. We stock the very best of products and wherever possible, we support Australian owned, operated and manufactured products.

Carinya House of Hair & Beauty is committed to maintaining and improving its environmental performance. Our aims are to minimise any effect that our activities may have on the environment.

To achieve these aims Carinya House of Hair & Beauty will:

Ensure that all environmental laws, regulations, standards and codes are adhered to as a minimum standard of compliance.
Take all reasonable steps to prevent pollution and protect the environment.
Ensure that all reasonable steps to are taken to prevent an incident from occurring.
Encourage and foster an environmentally aware culture amongst all workers, and contractors.
Encourage environmentally sound practices by suppliers of raw material and customers of our services.
Ensure that all necessary pollution control measures are in place and are regularly checked and maintained to minimise the risk of an environmental incident.
Ensure that prior to the completion of a contract, all contract waste has been removed.
Foster openness in our response to community concerns and queries about the potential environmental impact of our operational procedures.
Carinya House of Hair & Beauty considers the protection of native flora and fauna as a high priority, workers, contractors, and visitors are expected to respect and avoid disturbing any environment which may cause harm, or have a negative environmental impact.
All chemical stock wastage is put into a chemical recycle bucket and is then collected by Sustainable Salons Australia, whom then turn the chemicals back into water that is sold to local councils to be used to wash the streets and water public gardens. The money that is raised by the sale of this water, is then donated to Oz Harvest, whom feed the homeless. No chemicals are washed down the sinks at Carinya House of Hair & Beauty.
Carinya House of Hair & Beauty are contributing members of Sustainable Salons Australia. This ensures that over 95% of our salon waste is recycled. 100% of all proceeds gained from recycling our salon waste is donated to charitable organisations that do a wonderful job to help humanity. One of those organisations that we are very proud to support is Oz Harvest. With every $1 donated through the sale of our recycled waste, Oz Harvest are able to provide two meals. We encourage all of our staff to make themselves familiar with both Sustainable Salons Australia & Oz Harvest. We hope that our staff become as passionate as we are about sustaining our environment for future generations.

Please see the following web sites for further information about these projects:


At Carinya House of Hair & Beauty, we take our responsibilities very seriously. Firstly we are responsible for providing a warm, happy, encouraging, inspiring and respectful work environment for our employees. By doing so, we know that our employees will then provide the same level of care to you, our salon guests.
We are responsible for helping to support our local community and for doing all that we can to protect the environment from our business waste. Please see our Community Support and Sustainability pages for further information.

We are also passionate about supporting Australian owned and operated businesses and particularly those that are manufacturing in Australian as they are providing jobs for Australians. Our two major suppliers (De Lorenzo Haircare & La Clinica Skincare) are both well respected, family owned and operated Australian businesses that also manufacture their products right here in Australia. They are both also ‘neither test on animals and are predominantly plant based’, in fact De Lorenzo are the only ‘Vegan Certified’ haircare company in Australia.

We are proud of the moral compass we ensure guides us through our working day at Carinya House of Hair & Beauty. We will treat you as we would our own friends and family. We only stock retail items that we love and believe that our salon guests will benefit from using. For this reason, we don’t stock any suppliers complete range of products. If they have a product that we don’t believe in or we don’t feel that our salon guests need or would want, we don’t stock it.

We will never sell a product to you unless we believe that it will be of benefit. We will only ever use the very best of products, because you deserve nothing less. We will always deliver the ‘affordable luxury’ that we promise our salon guests and will continue to improve as time goes on.

Our business is driven by passion, rather than dollars! The passion to provide a beautiful, respectful, trusting and encouraging work environment for our employees and the passion that we all have for delivering the very best in customer service, hair and beauty services to our salon guests.

At Carinya House of Hair & Beauty, we welcome all to our salon and in fact we have salon guests that travel from Sydney, the Blue Mountains and as far north as Newcastle. We do post some information and the occasional promotion on social media, however we do not spend money on marketing as we prefer to invest in our beautiful salon and the quality products that we use on our salon guests. To-date, our salon has grown significantly mostly from referrals provided by our current salon guests or because people just like yourself have noticed our before & after photo’s on social media. One thing that we know for sure is that our guests return time and time again and we hope to one day be able to show you why!

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