Back, neck and shoulders – Focused Massage

30 mins | $70
Targeting your upper body, this convenient massage uses the same Swedish techniques as our Carinya Signature Massage to relieve muscle tension. The perfect remedy to the aches and pains caused by sitting at your office desk for hours, long drives and general stresses of everyday life.

Hot Stone Massage

60 mins | $130
90 mins | $170
For a therapeutic massage, designed to boost your circulation, release tension and recharge energy levels. This hot stone ritual gently warms up your tight muscles, for a deeply relaxing treatment.

Indian Head Massage

30 mins | $60
40 mins | $80
This is an ancient therapy that focusses on your head, neck and shoulders. It taps into your seven “‘chakras” (or paths of energy) and encourages healing and balance in your whole body.
After your Indian Head Massage, your hair will be conditioned with De Lorenzo Oil Balance. This is a leave-in (pre-shampoo) treatment that contains a blend of botanical oils that mimic the hairs natural sebum. These oils work to nourish the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to keep them moist.

Carinya Signature Massage

60 mins | $120
90 mins | $160
Using Swedish massage techniques, this indulgent full body treatment works to soothe, invigorate or relax all your muscles and relieve any tension or aches and pains. It works by increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins and improving circulation.

Peaceful Pregnancy Massage

60 mins | $120
90 mins | $160
Combining specialised positioning with anti-natal massage techniques, this relaxing mother-to-be treatment will help you say goodbye to stress, swollen joints, painful backs and heavy legs; leaving you feeling calm, uplifted and well-rested.